Dec 27, 2023

Can you help me with transport of a horse I buy at the VSN Online Auction?
VSN is willing to help and can reccomendate two companies who are specialised in transport and export documents to all countries of the world: Gelissen Horse Transport and European Horse Services

Can the horse stay in Holland to be trained?
All members of the VSN are not only horse dealers but also horse trainers, so the horse can stay to be trained up to the level you want. Contact the owner if you want to do so.

How does it work with VAT?
If you are a private person living in the EU you always have to pay VAT on the purchase price. If you have a company and a valid VAT-number  there will be no VAT on the purchase price if the horse is leaving The Netherlands (reverse charge).
In case of direct export to non-EU countries, VAT is no longer applicable (21% becomes 0%). If the export is delayed (but happens as soon as possible), the VAT will be refunded after we have received the official export document (which is drawn up by customs).

Are the horses insured?
No the horses are not insured, but of course you can insure the horse after you bought it. If you want so, please contact us

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